Furniture Painting Tips For Beginners

Before embarking on a mission to paint a furniture item (a rewarding hobby and one that may keep you busy for weeks at a time), the first thing to do is to create an appropriate workspace with plenty of light and ventilation. Since you will be using primers and paints, proper ventilation is very important and ensures that direct exposure to paint odors will not be affecting you. As a tip, using breathe east paints is a good option at this point, since the paint odor has been proved to be consistently less problematic than ordinary paint smells.

Start by examining the furniture item you are planning to paint and remove any drawer pulls or other hardware that might be in your way. Place the furniture item on a layer of newspapers or else on a large piece of cloth and start off with step one – sanding. Sanding ensures that no wax or traces of finish are left on the furniture that could impede paint adhesion and lead to a sloppy-looking finish.

Step one is sanding. Use a liquid sander or else sandpaper to sand off the item and remove any traces of wax or clear finish that might prevent the paint from adhering properly to the wooden surface. If you decide to go for sandpaper, you may have to sand off the item several times, first with a rough sandpaper and then with progressively finer ones.

Next, wipe down the item again and add a coat of primer. Generally, primer is used with older items that continue to show some stain even after being sanded down. For maximum effects, use a sander that also has sealing properties, to ensure that the wood is properly prepared for the application of paint. Two coats of primer may be added, depending on the state of the basic wooden surface.

Finally, apply the paint – one or two coats, depending on the type of finish you are after. Leave the paint to dry and cure (this may take as long as a week, depending on the paint), and then sand off any irregular surfaces and apply a final coat of wax.

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