Are you thinking about taking a trip to Sarasota or Lido Key, Florida? Lido Key is a small, quaint barrier island off the coast of Sarasota. People from all over the world vacation here to escape the rat race of a large metropolis and spend time in the sun enjoying the relaxing beauty of the area. Whether you are trying to escape work, cold weather or boredom then Lido Key might be the perfect place for you.

There is plenty to do in Sarasota, Florida. You won’t get bored unless you really desire to be bored. Vacationing on Lido Key gives you quick convenient access to everything Sarasota has to offer. However, you really don’t need to leave the island to find activities. Here are ten fun things to do on Lido Key.

1) Playing at the beach is the main draw for Lido Key. The beach is gorgeous and long enough for a pleasant walk and even for a good run for some exercise. It is very relaxing and therapeutic to just sit on the beach and listen to the rolling waves.

2) Swim in the Gulf of Mexico. This pretty much goes hand in hand with playing at the beach but relaxing or swimming in the calm, clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico is delightful.

3) Go Parasailing with your family or friends. I can’t say that I have done this yet but I really want to. It looks like so much fun. If you are not familiar with this basically you sit and others can sit in a harness that is attached to a parachute. You are then pulled by a rope attached to a boat. This is a great way to get a birds eye view of the water, beach, Lido Key and Sarasota.

4) Go for a power walk or bike ride around St. Armands Circle. There are some great real estate on Lido Key to check out. The water and beach views are also a treat.

5) Spend a half a day or so at the Mote Marine Laboratory. This is a large marine life research facility. The general public has access to see marine life like sharks, dolphins, manatees and sting rays up close. Your kids will love it.

6) If you want to see more nature rent a kayak and take a trip around Lido Key. There is a nature preserve on the south end of the island that is perfect for cruising around. You can get up close and personal with nature.

7) Cheat on your diet a little bit and buy a delicious ice cream on St. Armands Circle. Hit Ben and Jerry’s, Big Olafs, Kilwins or Scoop Daddy’s for a tasty ice cream cone and walk around doing some window shopping or walk down to the beach to catch a sunset.

8) Do you enjoy people watching? Run over to Starbucks on St. Armands Circle and enjoy a tasty beverage while you sit outside and observe all of the people walking by.

9) Rent a motor boat for the day. If you go over to Marine Max on City Island you can rent a boat for the day. It is a blast to cruise around the waters of the Sarasota bay and Gulf of Mexico. If you want you can anchor up in the lagoon between Lido Key and Longboat Key and jump in for a swim.

10) Eat, drink and be merry on St. Armands Circle. There are several fabulous places to enjoy a meal or a drink. Yearning for some Spanish Food? Grab a bite at the Columbia. Finger foods? Cha Cha Coconuts is just right. Lively atmosphere with good seafood? Try out Tommy Bahamas.

Lido Key is a spectacular destination for a vacation. You may love it so much that you decide to move there or own a vacation residence. Real estate is made up of single family homes, condos and commercial property. With the recent correcting in the housing market prices have become much more affordable. You can now buy a nice condo on Lido Key for under $300,000. Not to shabby for a relaxing island location

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