One of the decisions that must be made and yet still trips up many people along the way is which web hosting platform you want your server to be on. Windows and Linux web servers are two of the most popular web servers to choose from.

– The control panel and FPT commands, you will find these on both Windows and Linux servers, although you will discover that some commands will differ between the two because certain FTP programs were designed primarily for Windows or Linux. This can be one of the main reasons that you end up getting error messages when you are trying to run new FTP commands through your server.

– Support, when it comes to support Windows wins hands down, Linux can be slightly harder to find support for in regards to some of its technology. Linux runs on very specific technology when compared with the greater flexibility of Windows.

– Reliability and security, Linux is better in regards to security, because Linux is not so widely used as Windows, and Windows is the main OS used on home PC’s, there are more viruses and malware that targets Windows. It is much more likely that a Windows Operating System will be hacked into than a Linux Operating System and this may be because hackers expend a lot of energy seeking flaws in the Windows system.

– Ability, the performance of Linux is usually far greater than that of Windows, this is mainly to do with the way Linux is coded and packaged. Linux systems are frequently used with the end consumer in mind as opposed to a generic format. On the other hand, Windows usually offer an ” all in one ” package to their users as general.

* Conversion – possessing a Linux web server today is alright, in particular if you plan to switch over your Operating System in the near future, since your conversion will prove to be simple and smooth in getting your website changed over to Windows hosting from Linux hosting. On the other hand, if you start off with Windows hosting you would do much better to just stick with it because attempting to convert from Windows to Linux can be a disaster.

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