Foods That Lower Cholesterol Have Basis In Ancient Wisdom

The best procedure on how to lower triglycerides would be to eat foods that lower cholesterol. Cholesterol containing foods are usually from animals and their organs. The more we eat of these red meats, the more problems we are eventually going to encounter. Cholesterol can cause blockages in the arteries and can lead to multiple organ failure like heart problems, liver problems as well as kidney problems. There are more, but then you’d need several books which can talk about that.

Contrary to our natures, people usually look down on foods that lower cholesterol as being that demoted to the “lower class” and not good enough to serve visitors. That’s why our celebration foods are normally the higher-cholesterol animal meats, either fresh or preserved. For example, Christmas in English-speaking countries really wouldn’t be the same without the huge chunk of roast beef paired with mashed potatoes or Yorkshire Pudding, with the whole contents of the platter swimming in butter and gravy. Neither could any Chinese meal be complete without the succulent roast suckling pig with the crispy skin so tender that it’s traditionally cut with a plate. Well, there’s a reason why they’re for celebrations: they’re obviously not meant to be eaten everyday!

Foods that lower cholesterol are really the non animal types. Yes, fruits and vegetables. Oatmeal, a soluble fiber which can lower the bad cholesterol levels is great, also kidney beans apples, and pears.

The soluble fibers form a gel that absorbs LDL and doesn’t allow it to be digested by the body, and the insoluble fibers add bulk to the food, making you less hungry, and cleaning out your digestive tract, to boot. Other high-fiber foods are beans, apples, green leafy vegetables, and cruciferous vegetables.

While some people are horrified at having to give up their daily ration of red meat to save their lives, there are others that can continue eating like carnivores thanks to their genetic make-up. Then there are those poor souls that watch every part of their diets and eat up foods that lower cholesterol religiously and still get elevated counts of cholesterol. Again, they have their genes to thank for that.

All things weighed out, our ancestors had the right idea. No wonder that scientists are studying the diets of those who live around the Mediterranean, or in the remote island of Okinawa, or the seemingly contrary diet of France. If we dig a little deeper, we find foods that lower cholesterol as the basis of all their culinary creations.

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