In today’s economy it is important for you to get your business name out there in the public and to make the best possible impression doing so. Television and radio advertising are great but are expensive and in this day of cutting corners to make sure your business survives it can be a risky undertaking that simply doesn’t always bring in enough business to warrant the expense. You know your business needs something to put it ahead of the competition but that something needs to be both professional and well within your advertising budget. Frosted cards may just be the perfect solution to your low cost advertising needs.

Introducing Frosted Cards

Frosted cards are plastic business cards. They are not cardboard business cards that have been laminated nor are they clear plastic cards with the printing on them. Rather frosted cards have a unique surface which makes them look like more credit cards than business advertising. This surface also provides the card with more durability and a far more professional look.

What Kinds of Designs are Available?

Any company offering to make frosted cards will be highly skilled in designing them exactly to your wishes and standards. In some cases you may even be able to place a custom order where you can give them your own design and color selections. Either way, you should be able to get a highly decorative card that gives exactly the message you want to send to the world about your business.

Selecting Frosted Cards

A frosted card gets the attention of customers and potential clients because it is unique. This type of card shows that you are a professional business and that you take their business seriously. It shows that you want them to remember you and in most cases they will! This is the most important reason for using this type of card. They simply give everyone who comes across one a really good impression so they will think of you when they need services or products related to your business in the future. Paper cards are ordinary and are more likely to get tossed in the trash, but a professional frosted card will be worth hanging onto.

Think of the branding benefits that can come from using this type of card as well! Most people stack paper business cards together in their wallet or purse, but a card that has been designed much like a credit card is likely to be stored in with the credit cards. This means that you have the potential of placing your business name in front of their eyes every time they reach for a credit card! That is the type of branding that keeps your business name at the top of a customer’s mind so they are more likely to call you up when they need products or services that you offer in the future.

Also, you may benefit from word of mouth advertising since your customers are seeing your business card so frequently. They may even share these cards with others because they think they are unique and worth talking about. This means you could see substantial increases in business!

What Do Frosted Cards Cost?

You will have to pay a bit more for this type of card than you would for standard card made out of cardboard, but remember that these are also a lot more durable. Since they are made to last for a long time you won’t have the same customers asking for cards over and over again. These are high quality cards that people will want to hang onto. When they ask for more it is probably to hand out to someone else, not because they tossed theirs in the trash!

If you are out to impress your customers and give them something unique to talk about with others, frosted cards are definitely worthy of your advertising budget!

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