From Past Life to here in a place solidified by the fragment of the past meeting up with the present. Everyone has a moment when they must consider the possibilities of having lived a previous life. This may be identified in a moment when something new takes on an aged feeling. Inviting this moment to teach you should be celebrated, the opportunities it presents might prove to be life changing.

It is common for most people to consider the possibility of having lived a life in another time. The thought may be a passing idea until a pattern of unexplained and reoccurring circumstances keep appearing. Revolving dreams, unknown talents and behaviors may all be contributing factors of another self and time, searching for closure.

The desire to connect these patterns could provide insight into your relationships, finances and even career choices. The answers to a more gratifying life experience can be held in the balance of a previous life. The good news is that you have now started thinking about what it all means, and how you might proceed.

Emotional scars are hard to identify because the emotional self is usually revealed under duress. Unresolved trauma does not just go away, it has to be healed to dissolve. Every experience that has not been properly addressed will wait and travel with you. Whether you mean to pack it up and take it along is not your choice; it is waiting to be owned and embraced.

Deciding to take a journey permits time to get organized and clear about what you want from the experience. You would consider the weather, time zone and society you are going to encounter. You would allow yourself permission to be open to the unexpected, and make provisions for what they might be. Once you arrive, you might find that the journey has a familiarity to it. Don’t fight it, it’s just the luggage from a previous life traveling with you.

A sudden and unexpected piece of history can be born out of a new experience. The universal term for a new moment taking on the feeling of a past experience is ‘Deja Vu’. The most common reaction people will have to this experience is laughter. However, it is in fact apart of your past revealing itself to you. If a piece of history belongs with you, it will find its way to the surface.

The idea of being in control of how your life will unfold is comforting. You are conscious of who you are in the experience and your participation is intentional. You might live each day as if its your last or you are repairing it as you move along. Either way, you are storing and filtering experiencing that may show up in a future existence. Making the most of it might make for a lighter travel.

From Past Life to present and in the comfort of a life you can now embrace. Past life regression permits an opportunity to aim yourself in total submission and confidence. Your intentions are now reflected in your most cherished relationships, health and finances. How wonderful would it be to finally meet your entire self? Past life regression is a pathway to your highest potential.

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