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A cultured pearl is any almost any pearl that has been grown under the influence of human intervention. A pearl which is normally formed when a small parasite penetrated and then lodges inside the mantle tissue of any mollusk. In response the mollusk will secrete a substance known as nacre which begins the creation of the pearl.

Nacre is a combination of organic and crystalline substances that build up in layers that surrounds the irritant in order to protect the mollusk and after a few months or years it can form as a pearl.

While natural pearls are only formed by chance other pearls such as cultured pearls are created with the help of human intervention. For the most part almost all of the pearls on the market are cultured pearls. Pearl farmers often insert a foreign object inside of the mollusk which can help to induce the creation of pearls.

Once that is done the natural creation of the pearl will take over. The difference between the two is that inducement in cultured pearls is intentional. Often the cultured pearl and natural pearl can be distinguished with an x-ray which allows you to see the inside of the pearl.

Today the cultured pearl industry is booming due to the reliable and consistent cultivation of high quality pearls in large amounts. While natural pearls have many different shapes, qualities, and sizes which can be hard to find the cultured pearl can now be created perfectly round from the start making them popular. With the ability to produce the cultured pearl by the millions they are now affordable and available to everyone who has a desire to own one.

With the advanced developments of pearl culturing it took most of the risk, chance and guesswork completely out of the pearl industry. It has now become a predictable and stable industry over the last few decades.

Today the cultured pearl industry has completely taken over the natural pearl industry with the production of many cultured fresh water, Tahitian, South Sea, and akoya pearls.

The cultured pearl is used to create an assortment of jewelry including rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, wedding rings, and even hair clips. The pearl is one of the most elegant choices for jewelry and can be worn for casual occasions or formal. If you are looking for a classy gift choose a piece that contains one of the many beautiful cultured pearls.

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