Sex and the city is a HBO television series, which was converted in to a film of the same name. The movie Sex and the City was released in 2008. As a continuation of the first part, Sex and the City 2 has released this May 27, 2010 with lot of expectations among audience. The stars in this movie played same roles in the first part and in the television series. Michael Patrick King produced directed and written screenplay for this movie Sex and the City 2. Sarah Jessica Parker, Darren Start and John Melfi were co producers of this movie.

Plot of the movie Sex and the City 2:

The comedy movie begins with a flashback where Carrie thinks of her past days in 1980’s and the day she meets all her friends Samantha, charlotte and Miranda. After the flashback, they enter in to the present world, where they feel that their earlier days were good and at present, their life is stressed a lot. Out of four girls, three got married and they find it difficult to manage their husband and children. Samantha, who is 52 still didn’t get married and she almost entered her menopause stage. Charlotte has a very crispy married life as her husband fell in the trap of their Nanny, whom they finally find that she is a lesbian. Charlotte has two children and managing them is very difficult.

Carrie meets Mr. Big and wants to spend her life with him. Both get married and spend their life different way. Both differ a lot in spending their spare time. Carrie always wants to get out of her place during her spare time whereas Mr. Big wants to relax in his home and watch television. In between, Samantha gets an offer for a PR campaign in Abu Dhabi. One Arab Sheik is ready to take care of all expenses for these four friends in Abu Dhabi.

In Abu Dhabi, lot of unexpected things happen, as these girls do not know their culture. This rival clash creates problems and the sheik cancels their trip and safely takes back them to U.S.A. At the end, all four friends lead a happy life without any problems.

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