Free Metal Detector Tips For The Detectorist

Metal detecting has always had some interest as a hobby throughout the years. There might always be spikes of popularity in this hobby. With every mother or father that has an interest in metal detecting there is surely a son or daughter that will feel the same. As more generations are born there will be more generations of hobbyists with that passion for treasure finding! Here are a few free metal detector tips for those starting out in metal detecting.

Joining a local treasure hunting club is a great way to learn from the experts. Check online for clubs and sign up, usually through registration on their website. You can also check out the local library bulletin boards to see if any of the groups are advertising for new members. You can still do it on your own, but it is a much better experience with an affiliation to a treasure hunting club. There is a lot to learn about being a detectorist and having the experience of more veteran hobbyists is a definite plus.

Two heads are better than one. See if a family member or friend want to join in on your adventures. You will be surprised at who might have the treasure finding spirit. With two people working as partners, more area can be covered, and more research is done. Not only can you get double the finds, but double the ideas and creativity. This can be an exciting hobby and it is always fun to have someone to share it with.

Even the most expensive detectors are no replacement for good old fashioned research. Learn about the area, what was there in the past, what battles might have taken place? These are important facts to find out in locating real treasure. Know the past.

Something can be missed if you decide to pass it up. Most things will be trash, no one will tell you differently, but sometimes buried with that trash is the treasure that you seek. Until you have the hang of it and have developed an instinct for it, dig, dig and dig some more. Discovering the difference between a pull tab and a coin will come with more experience. In the mean time, do not leave any stone unturned, so to speak.

Be kind to others and respect the land. After a dig make sure to fill in holes and carry off the trash. Taking extra trash bags will help in being able to carry off refuse from a particularly trash filled area. Just play fair and treat the land and other people with respect.

There will be onlookers so definitely expect it and get use to it. People will also have questions. This will be a great way to make a new friend. It can be frustrating doing a sweep and having to stop to answer a question from a random person. Try not to be frustrated. People respect a real treasure hunter!

Hopefully the few free metal detector tips will add some insight to the hobby. With the ever growing popularity of metal detecting this hobby should be around for a long time. If there is not a local treasure hunting club consider starting one yourself.

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