Frederick Community Is Relieved Of Back Pain With Spinal Decompression

Back problems are a common complaint and many experience lower back pain as a matter of course. This needn’t be. Frederick Spinal Decompression has been shown to alleviate many back and neck problems presented by sufferers. It’s quickly gaining in popularity in this area.

One of the common causes of lower back pain can be attributed to constrained nerves in the spinal column. The results can manifest as a tingling feeling in the legs and/or feet, a feeling like needles and pins, or even numbness in the lower extremities. The sufferer may also experience pain (sometimes severe) radiating down the buttocks and into one or both legs.

Anyone who’s experienced these symptoms knows how unpleasant life can be. Living in constant pain makes everyday existence a drag. It affects every facet of your life.

Spinal decompression aims to relieve this pain by releasing the pressure built up in the discs which, in turn, exert pressure on the nerves running through the spine. Alleviating the nerve blockages is achieved by precise, computer-controlled mechanical manipulation of the spinal area. This method has seen very good success.

This mechanical process is painless. Similar to ‘traction’ in some ways, the procedure precisely manipulates the portions of the spinal column where undue pressure has built up. Releasing this pressure enables the spine to being healing itself, as it was meant to do.

Because they are under constant pressure, even when you’re resting, damaged discs rarely heal themselves. The precise mechanical manipulation utilized in Frederick spinal decompression is able to relieve this pressure painlessly and without the use of drugs or surgery. Numerous testimonials online from former sufferers attest to the efficacy of the procedure. Viewing some of those might be a good place to start. You deserve to live without the pain!

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