Fourty One – Medieval Halloween Costumes Noble Ladies Of Old

If you are a fan of fantasy and history you should consider wearing Renaissance Halloween costumes. From simple monk robes to noble lady dresses of extravagant design, the variety of costumes in this category are positively endless. With a little effort you can become an icon of the period. You might choose instead to spend time and money and create an elaborate noble lady dress you can wear for Halloween activities for many years.

In Medieval times it was not possible to mistake a wealthy noble for a peasant. Some materials commonly used by nobility were not available to the lower classes. The wide variation in social classes of the times is your first consideration for your costume. Simple and inexpensive or fancy and costly – just choose a noble persona or someone from the peasant class of the time.–Renaissance-Costumes-title0-p-2-c-341.html

Taking notes while doing some research online is a good place to start building your character. Come up with a short list of potential characters and expand on them to see the potential each holds. You might be interested in heroic figures and search for information on styles of knight armor and weapons. You may remember Friar Tuck and opt for the monk robe of a simple peasant.

Historically, the wealthy had access to the richest, deepest hues when it came to fabric. You did not see peasants wandering around in dark purple shades or reds. Mostly, the lower class wore inexpensive colors, such as neutral browns or grays. Their attire was nowhere near as extravagant as royalty, lacking in the jewels and fancy embellishments.

A fantasy twist can be added to Medieval Halloween costumes, adding a bit of sorcery to the swords. Dress the part of Merlin, or an enchanter of your own design. Choose to be a practitioner of light or natural magic. If you prefer a darker style, become an evil and chaotic spell caster, adorned in dark robes, dagger snug at your side!

If your choice is to make your own Medieval Halloween costume you will likely want to use it for more than one occasion or from year to year. Fabric shops have a wide array of patterns available for those who know how to sew (or who might hire someone to sew a costume for them) so it’s possible to create stunning Renaissance Halloween costumes. These are fancy dress if you mimic the classes of citizens that were nobility and monarchs. You will invest some money in fabric and decorative notions for these elaborate costumes so plan a costume you will want to wear again and again.

If you have chosen the peasant class as your design, you should have little problem making your own outfit for Halloween. Take one large piece of dirty brown cheaply woven fabric and make a monk’s tunic easily. Another large piece of fabric simple pulled over your shoulders and clasped with a pin at the neck is an instant cape. Tie your tunic with a rope belt, put on some ratty looking old fashioned rope sandals and find a long walking stick. You’re ready for trick and treat. This monk costume is perfect for balding men but monk wigs are available for the rest of us.

Children can have fun helping make their own monk or knight costume. Help them learn history at the same time by looking up information on how people of the era talked and odd sayings of those times. Practice with them or learn those sayings yourself for your own character. The most compelling reason to choose Medieval Halloween costumes may be the wide variety of styles and characters to choose from that allow your costume to be one of a kind. Edited by Hetsil Protage

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