Four Ways To Get Your Partner To Forgive You For Cheating

Cheating is not recommended for couples working to build a happily ever after. It does happen and doesn’t always mean you want the relationship to end.

Your partner is the source of your strength in many ways. When you cheat, it affects him or her and eventually loses interest in anything. Unfortunately, it affects you even more profoundly than anyone else.

Knowing this, how can you make your partner forgive you after what you’ve done in order to make the marriage work and keep the family together?

Start by showing her how much you love her. It isn’t going to be nearly enough to tell her that you’ve seen the light and really love only her. You’re going to have to show her that you love her. How do you do that? Simple steps in the right direction involve being there every night, listening to her when she opens up, and initiating conversation with her. Don’t immediately begin with gifts. Work up to giving small gifts or tokens to make her feel special. Make sure they are about making her feel good and not about you making yourself feel better.

Space. Give your partner a little time and space so that he or she can process what has happened and deal with it in a time frame that is better suited to your partner. There is nothing that will push someone to the wrong decision faster than someone trying to push them into a hard decision. Give your partner a little time to weigh his or her options and get a taste of life without you as a constant presence. In other words, give your partner a little time to really start to miss you.

Attitude. Attitude means a lot in relationships. When you’ve cheated on your partner, a new attitude of humility is a good attitude to choose. Now is the time to avoid coming on strong and use a light tough instead. The changes your partner sees in you will be what convinces your partner how sorry you are for cheating and how willing you are to work hard to make things right.

Set aside at least ten to fifteen minutes each and every day to talk to each other. This is not time that should be dedicated to running down the weekly schedule and commitments or what is going on in the lives of your children. This is time that you need to spend really talking to each other about your relationship, your dreams, and your hopes for the future. Doing this will do more to grow your relationship than almost anything else you can do.

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