Forum And Blog Posting – Can Be Strong SEO Strategy

One of the most crucial things to consider for a website owner, be it a brand new website or an established site, is the ranking they hold on various search engines. If you would benefit from increased page views, and who wouldn’t, I want you to take a moment and check out my SEO plan. I’ve used it for years, and though it’s not my invention, I’ve yet to find a better plan.

One of the most important things in being effective in any business endeavor is knowing your market. Monitoring what people are saying not only allows you to better understand their needs, but it lends credibility. Forums and blogs are great things for you to monitor, they are a two way avenue for you to both listen and communicate with your audience. Don’t forget to leave feedback when someone posts about you, his creates a sense of trust between you and your users, which can increase your page ranking.

You may kn ow what you audience says and does, but you don’t want to jump into their blog comments with just a link to your site and no content. Many consider this spamming and won’t click your link. What I find works best for getting more people to follow my links is to actually quote a bit of the blog post you are commenting on. This builds trust and credibility with the people reading your comment.

If you want to increase your page views and get higher on search engine I have a great advertising trick for you. It’s totally free and it can help boost users confidence in you. Next time you read someones blog, make sure to comment and leave a link to your web page in the comment. I’ve seen this increase the ranking of many of my sites, and it’s totally free unlike fancy banner ads that don’t always work.

Always avoid linking to bad sites. Blogs may be a great way to improve where your web site appears in a search engine, but always remain connected with your audience so you can achieve better results and avoid bad links.

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