This Forex Web Trader review will provide an individual interested in exploring online Forex market brokers with an overview of some of the services and options that are available through this broker.

Forex Web Trader is a company headquartered in Germany. They are registered with BinFa. The website provides a virtual tour of the Forex Web Trader platform that shows many of the features and functions that are available through other online brokers. The platform is browser based and can be used from a mobile device.

A bonus is offered for opening an account with this broker. However there is little information regarding the fees or costs involved in trading on the platform. One also does not find a learning center, e-books, or training materials for a new Forex trader.

The minimum deposit for an account is $25. 00 and the maximum using a debit/credit card is $5, 000. There are fees charged when withdrawals are made from one’s account. These can be 2. 5% or $10. 00 depending on the type of transfer that is being made. Withdrawals can take from 48 hours to seven days.

The pips and spread that are discussed on the website show that there is a vast range of pips and spread amongst currency. Once one is in the platform there should be a better indicator of what the pips and spread are for the currency pair that is being traded.

The platform offers many of the analytical features of other Forex online broker websites. They do not indicate that there is a learning center or training regarding using Forex within the platform after registration.

When deciding on an online Forex broker it is important to research and review the companies that are being considered. An individual who is just learning about Forex will want to find a website that provides as much training and information as possible before real money is involved.

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