Forex Samurai Review – How Does This Forex Trading System Work?

Is Forex Samurai a scam? This manual trading system is designed to trade on most popular currency pairs. It can be made to trade on its own as soon as you set up and input all your orders with the right entry and exit prices. It does come with a money back guarantee, which made me confident enough to give it a test even while I was still very skeptical about this product.

How Do You Make Money Using Forex Samurai?

The main strategy is created by Forex trading professionals who have been making money from currencies trading for many years. After more than 1 year of live trading testing, they have finally tweaked a version that they are planning to sell commercially. Its live trading results certainly look very encouraging for now, although I think that it would need to be further tested on a longer time frame to prove that it can really work in the long run.

What Do You Need to Have to Profit from Using Forex Samurai?

This trading strategy can be used on any major trading platform and all I needed was an account with a Forex broker. Installing the platform takes roughly about 10 minutes, after which you can log in and see all the price movements of all currency pairs. However, do take note that some brokers may not offer certain currency pairs that are not popular and are very low liquidity. That should not be too much of a concern though since other brokers will be charging a very high spread for these currency pairs so you will not be trading them anyway.

Getting Help Regarding My Forex Samurai Trading Set Up

I managed to contact the 24 hour live customer support team using the live help button on site and clarified several doubts that I had and got a prompt response. The FX Samurai manual provides the instructions I needed to follow to set up my platform in a way that best optimizes my ability to analyze the important factors.

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