Is the Forex No Name Bot just another overhyped Forex trading software? This is a piece of software programmed with automated trading technology that allows anyone, regardless of their prior experience to trading in the currency market, to make money from the market.

The robot itself is programmed with a set of rules that a professional would otherwise make herself, and this professional is Juliya Ivanov, an experienced woman trader who has been making money from Forex over the last 15 years. She is confident that her software can help anyone make a full time income online after the success of her long running tests that she had been conducting with it.

How Do You Find Real Profitable Forex Trading Robots to Use?

So far, I have found that its beta testing results are very close to those shown by the results that Juliya posts on her website, and am positive that this software can continue to generate the regular profits that it is making. All the gains and losses generated by this trading tool have been audited and proven to be accurate. Note that the results displayed by the owner of this robot on her site are not only back tests and simulated results, but also includes live testing that are done with real money in a live trading environment.

How Does The Forex No Name Bot Trades that Allow It To Continually Make Money Over the Long Term?

This automated is capable of adjusting your trading lot size at various stages of price movement, with the aim of minimizing your risks during uncertain trading conditions and increasing your profits as the trends start to pick up strength.

The rules and logic that this robot uses are fully explained in the downloadable manual that you can get when you get access to its membership area, and this makes me much more confident to put my real money to work with this trading tool. Overall, the system is also easy to install and got up and running within just a couple of minutes.

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