“For whom it is important-they will find money”: an expert on new products at the upcoming Apple presentation

The host of the show “Miracle of Technology” Sergey Malozemov gave a forecast about the updated iPad Pro.

Of all the new Apple products that will be presented at the company’s presentation on April 20, the most long-awaited for gadget lovers is the updated iPad Pro model. Journalist and host of the show “Miracle of Technology” Sergey Malozemov said what to expect from the device.
According to him, the new iPads are rapidly moving towards computers. It will probably be a powerful working tool.
“From a big iPhone, they turn into a small Mac. Rumors say that it will become slightly thicker due to the use of a more powerful processor, due to the fact that the screen there will be better thanks to mini-LED technology. I think that this is increasingly becoming a professional tool, ” the expert explained.
At the same time, Malozemov notes, its price is unlikely to be low and massively affordable.
“Those for whom it is important — graphic designers — they will find money to pay for reliability and the absence of glitches,” he shared his opinion.
The journalist himself is very much waiting for the AirTag gadget, which will allow you to search for lost things.
“Such devices already exist, of course, in a large number of variants, from different manufacturers. But I want, as usual, everything at Apple was expensive, but it worked without failures, ” the expert expressed his preferences.
As for the new Apple Pencil, this is a thing for very special users, and they will appreciate it, Malozemov concluded.

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