Foot Pain Management For The End Of A Busy Day

We all have had sore feet at one point in time or another. Foot pain management can be an easy task, as well as relaxing. After being on your feet all day, at work or play, your feet tend to become pretty sore. Sometimes preventing the soreness is much easier than treating it.

Some days you cannot help being on your feet all day long. So preventing the pain isn’t an option on those days. These days you have to worry about relieving your achy feet.

Relieving Pain

Massage your feet – Massaging your feet can improve blood flow and ease the aches and pains you are experiencing.

Soak achy feet – Soaking your feet is a wonderfully relaxing way to release the pain. Adding herbal mixtures to your water can give an extra benefit to the soak. Lavender is a great thing to add in, the smell is relaxing not just for your feet. Epsom salt helps by drawing out the toxin and reducing the swelling in your feet.

Prop your legs up – A simple way to help with releasing pain is to put is to get comfy and put your feet up (using a pillow under your feet).

Massage with oils – When using oils for your foot massage be sure you are using essential oils for maximum relief. There are different types of oils that can be used. Menthol is the most effective followed by Eucalyptus and camphor. They will all provide similar results, chilling relief, only to varying degrees. If you read the label on your usual foot rub you are likely to find one or more of these oils.

Use an ice pack – Release some swelling and ease away the pain by icing your feet.


The right shoe for you – A high quality pair of shoes can stop the pain before it evens starts. Each person has different needs so try out different shoes till you find the ones that work for you. There is no one perfect pair of shoes for all. Ask friends or family that work on their feet for suggestions. After spending some time on your feet is the best time to shop for shoes, that way you know the shoes will still fit after they swell. Mid day shopping for shoes will allow time for you to get the right shoes for you.

Use insoles- Adding insole in your shoes is an effective way to add comfort to your shoes. Insoles can give you extra support that is needed to avoid painful aches.

To help prevent and treat foot pain it is always a good idea to sit and keep pressure off of them as often as possible. Reducing activity will make a big difference, however it isn’t always an option. When you have a job that requires you to be on your feet all day long, you should give yourself a foot massage as often as possible.

Solving you foot aches and pains cannot always be treated by on your own this is when you should seek a medical professional. Sever pain that starts suddenly, an injury resulting in pain, swelling and redness of a joint, or an open sore accompanied by a fever are a few reason to seek help. If trying to self treating for more than one or two weeks and the pains do not lessen or go away consult a doctor.

These tips should be taken with care and common sense. Foot pain management can be easily done. If the pain doesn’t ease after a week or two you should consider seeking medical treatment.

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