Foods That Lower Blood Pressure Don’t Always Taste Like Paste

The word ‘diet’ is always met with scepticism and fears of bland, unappetising food which will obviously lower anyone’s weight but will also make life miserable and foods that lower blood pressure are not spared the analogy. Apparently, those who make the wrong assumptions almost never really know what goes on with how to lower blood pressure quickly diets and foods nowadays.

Foods that can lower the BP are certainly red-meatless, dairy-less and ultra-sweet-less, but that does not mean that it is not good. True, the diet consists of fish, fruits and vegetables, lots of water, and low carbs low sugar deserts but that does not mean that these cannot be served as delicious healthy meals. Those who cannot imagine it are simply those who are not adventurous in cooking and or simply have no idea that there are other foods out there than just triglyceride-ladened animal based foods which will eventually block the arteries and cause heart attacks.

Foods that can lower the BP also include a wide selection of pastries that can be sweetened with honey. Yes, honey is sweet and can be used to sweeten anything including iced sherbets and tarts. Simply because it is sweet does not mean that it is bad for you.

Fresh produce, lean proteins, and polyunsaturated fats are the triumvirate of foods that lower blood pressure. But don’t stick to the good old “baked, boiled, or broiled.” Consider grilling to up the taste factor, try oven frying, or even stir-frying. Have you ever tried steaming food in a parchment packet? Or planking a fish steak? There are so many ways to cook that food can never be considered boring.

If there are individuals that are turned off by the thought of losing taste, there are even more that think foods that lower blood pressure means sentencing them to starvation diets. Modern research shows that starving actually lowers your metabolism and causes your body to keep any food as fat! So, eat if you’re hungry but eat the right kind of food. Replace chips with air-popped popcorn or ice cream with creamy low-fat yogurt or tofutti, if you’re willing to give it a chance.

If you follow the right advice, and you’re willing to learn new things, controlling your blood pressure doesn’t have to mean being tortured with food. Eating healthily means you can eat more often and bigger amounts of what is wholesome, while losing weight and getting back your health at the same time. These foods that lower blood pressure can actually be a new source of pleasure for you.

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