Flying When You Have A Wheelchair

When you are flying on an airplane for the first time, it can be a little overwhelming. Add to it the need for assistance with your wheelchair, and you may feel even worse. Thankfully today all major airlines have assistance available to you, so you don’t have to feel nervous about the trip you are about to make.

Planning ahead of time is the key to a stress-free trip. Flight is the quickest way to travel, and you don’t have to avoid it. You can now book your trip online with out the need for “special” treatment.

Now you can book your flight online instead of having to call in first. Online rates tend to be the best option and now are available to customers who need special assistance. You simply select that you need assistance and that you have a wheelchair.

Before submitting it, it is always good to double check with the airline with a follow up phone call to make sure you are doing it correctly. You don’t have to book the flight with them over the phone, however. You can most of the time be able to still get the better rate online. This is just a phone call to make sure that everything was done the right way.

When on the phone with them ask them about special boarding procedures you might deal with when you have a wheelchair. They may have special requirements with where you sit, when you board, or what to do with your wheelchair during the flight. Double check with them so you aren’t caught unaware.

The best option to fly is to go first class. First class has the most room and gives you the most comfortable space. However, since this is usually out of the price range of most people, flying coach might be the only option available.

You can also ask what type of layout the airlines have with their seating. If you are planning on flying with one companion, you may want to look in to airlines that have two seats instead of three. That way you don’t have to worry about dealing with someone else trying to get in and out of their seats with you. There is also the option of buying an extra seat to avoid this happening as well.

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