Brent Redpath posted a celebratory blog on October 15, 2009. After so much training, he got his dream and passed his private pilot check ride. Days before his one, big examination, he started training. One part of it was the simulated instrument training. He had a Certified Pilot Instructor, or CFI, with him during his practices. With the instructor’s supervision, Brent performed the Practical Test Standard, or PTS. He did this for three hours.

His check ride was scheduled on July 29, 2009. One half of the exam was oral, while the other was practical. Brent was so confident and ready to take on the latter part, while he was not so sure on the former. That was why when he was taking the oral examination, he did not do that well. However, he made up for it in the practical exam, which was flying. He applied everything he learned and studied about. He knew that his performance as a student was more than outstanding. When the check ride ended, Brent received the news that he passed.

As soon as he, together with his examiner, landed, he received a big, fat “YOU PASSED!” note.

Upon passing that test, he earned the Private Pilot Certificate, which is enough proof that he has mastered the skill of flying an airplane. On that day, he rose above the challenges and hardships that he went through. His long- term dream also came to life. This dream was born when he was still a kid.

Hung over from his success, Brent flew an airplane together with his girlfriend. They were in the area of Chehalem Airpark. They went to the airport as if it was their usual place for a date. His family and friends were taken for a ride, too. Brent loved the feeling of being the pilot. He knew that his “passengers” were trusting him and giving him the full reign on their whereabouts. Those feelings were made even greater, considering the fact that Brent is deaf. However, this did not stop him from keeping his dream alive.

This disability was not a hindrance for him to let everyone know that he, too, can be a good pilot, or even better than the others.

The next steps that Brent will take are the Instruments Flight Rules, or IFR, training and the tailwheel training. He wants to take a lot certifications that he can. After these two trainings, he will get the instrument training. For his tailwheel training, he might study from a CFI who happened to know sign language, too. Brent is definitely excited as to how his career as a pilot will play out.

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