Float On The Ocean While Sleeping In Waterbeds

Designing a bedroom usually centers on the major piece of furniture going in the room. In most cases, this piece of furniture is a person’s bed. There exists many different kinds of mattresses and bed frames from temper-pedic down to base spring mattresses. Waterbeds are a unique style of mattress that adds pizzazz and comfort to any bedroom.

Contrary to popular opinion, there are many different types of waterbeds then the same basic size and model. Waterbeds were in high demand doing the latter part of last century and could be making a comeback back into the limelight. Advances in mattresses and frames have made these bed types much more secure.

Researching waterbeds will lead a prospective buyer to find that there are two major types. The first is hard-sided waterbeds. This kind of waterbed is constructed with a solid wooden base that builds up into a rectangle. Planks of wood stretch across the wooden sides to give a base for the water filled mattress to sit. These beds are more expensive due to this craftsmanship.

In contrast, the other major derivative of waterbeds is the soft-sided option. Soft-sided waterbeds can almost pass for most common spring mattresses because they are built to be very similar. Both regular beds and soft-sided waterbeds rest on top of metal frames and box springs. However, the difference is waterbeds are encased a with a protective foam material.

Different types of mattresses can distinguish different kinds of waterbeds as well. The number of chambers that house the water inside the mattress can be a major difference in its makeup. When waterbeds were first introduced, they were all single chambered. These chambers affect the flow of water inside the bed. Because they now have multiple chambers, each person’s movements do not affect the other person’s sleep.

Safety and security are always a concern when buying a waterbed. Almost everyone has heard horror stories about beds bursting and soaking its owners. However, because of modifications to original models and multi-chambered waterbeds, security and safety has been increased tenfold. Rest assured, new waterbeds are much sturdier than their predecessors.

People in search of a different type of comfort in their bedroom should look into seeking out if waterbeds are right for them. They were all the rage a few short decades ago and are due for resurgence. Upgrades from the older standard one chambered models make them more stable. With a bit of research, a person in need of a new bed could find a waterbed that is right for them.

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