If you cannot afford to take flying lessons or cannot fly the type of plane that interests you than you should look into using a flight jet simulator. This is a piece of gaming software that simulates jet combat and puts you in situations that these planes were once in. These simulators are not as complex as the real military simulators but they are challenging and are a great opportunity to experience flying a jet.

The very first simulator for a computer was developed by Microsoft in 1982 though since then they have greatly improved. The big breakthrough in gaming simulators was when PlayStation 1 released its Air Combat. Today these programs specialize in certain time periods, aircraft and even specific battles.

Microsoft is still one of the leaders for flight simulators with its Combat Flight Simulator WWII Europe series, Combat Flight Simulator 2 WWII Pacific Theater and Combat Flight Simulator 3: Battle for Europe. Ubisoft is known for its very realistic simulators with their IL-2 Sturmvik software.

These jet combat simulators are all based on specific time periods as well as the types of jets you can fly. Many times you can even find specific battles from history. There are not many programs available from WWI but two options include the Red Baron and the Ride of Flight: The First Great Air War.

There are many more gaming programs available for WWII such as Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory, Aces Over Europe, 1942: Pacific Air War, the Combat Flight Simulator series, Il-2-Sturmovik 1946, B-17 Flying Fortress and Aces High to name a few. You can experience the Korean War with MiG Alley and the Vietnam War with Flight of the Intruder.

These programs from history allow you to fly several different planes from the time period. While flying these plans you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of flying the different models as different planes will have different fighting styles. These types of simulators are called survey simulators.

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