Five Secret Strategies For Getting More Google Traffic

Getting pages indexed and improving Google traffic before sitemaps came along was a nightmare for most webmasters. Thankfully, it’s a lot easier nowadays. But it also means that webmasters today don’t really understand what makes the Google bot tick.

The key issue is to treat the Google bot in much the same way as other website visitors. So dump all the gimmicks and tricks recommended by the SEO experts. Provide fresh and interesting content.

But does this help you gain more Google traffic? Thing is that fresh and interesting content keeps visitors coming back, as does the interaction and conversation visitors find on a site. The search bots are looking for exactly the same things – new pages or blog posts, new comments and threads.

It’s possible, however, to channel all this activity and energy into specific keywords. Build a list of keywords and focus on adding related content and links. It works better if Google can be guided into sending traffic to a specific page for a specific keyword, as opposed to just hoping Google knows what keywords the site is all about.

Third thing to know is that both visitors and search engines like websites that load fast and work like a charm. The biggest example is Google itself, with its super-fast loading and simplicity of use. Improve loading speed and make sure there are no 404 errors (missing pages) or other functionally issues.

No. 4 on the list of ways to improve Google traffic is to improve the internal linking mechanism. Most webmasters spend a lot of time chasing external links. But not many will give serious thought to finding ways to utilize pages within their own site.

Every internal page is a goldmine of links that mined again and again. Add scripts that show related links for the page content, and use the sidebars to spotlight keyword-targeted pages and new content. Try to ensure that every link on the page adds value to what the user is looking for.

Next up is the issue of deep-linking. When working on links, webmasters tend to focus on the anchor text and the link location, but most link deals end up pointing to home pages. The most important part of a link building campaign, however, is that the links need to go deep.

If for every new page created, a link campaign manages to instantly acquire a couple of deep links, it forces Google to push the page up in the rankings. Other webmasters notice and it might garner a few organic links. The point being that each page ends up with a few incoming links and a permanent flow of Google traffic.

As always, content still remains the king. If the writer knows the subject well enough, the keywords and names and places that drive search engine traffic automatically pop into the article. Readers find it interesting and other webmasters show their respect by linking to the page. Google in turn responds by sending more traffic.

To sum it up, all the optimization and search related settings need to be done before the site goes public. A list of keywords and a link building campaign needs to be ready to push, on a daily basis, any new pages that are created. Also needless to say that none of this maneuvering should impact the visitor experience.

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