Five Key Suggestions To Write And Deliver Best Man Speeches

It’s an honor being chosen for the best man at your friend’s wedding. The groom chose you out of all his friends and it’s a big responsibility. You want to make a good speech because the groom is counting on you. Follow these tips and you’ll make a great best man speech.

You know being the best man for your best friend or brother is a big responsibility. The groom elected you out of all his friends and you want to do a good job. Writing and giving a best man speech can be a nerve wracking time. You want the guests to remember your words not how you messed up. The best man needs to captivate the moment of the wedding and the couple’s love without tarnishing it.

To begin with, don’t wait to the last minute! Right after you are asked to be best man start making notes for your speech. You can also use the funny things that happened working up to the wedding date. When you write things down it makes it much easier to write your best man speech.

Secondly, practice your speech! You’ll be more comfortable giving your speech when you practice it. Add little funny stories and antidotes that have happened during your friendship and meeting with the bride. It gives your confidence a boost when you feel more relaxed while giving your speech at the wedding.

A little memorizing goes a long way! Write your best man speech early and practice it until you can say it without using any notes. It will give you confidence when you stand in front of the wedding guests and makes it natural sounding. The more you practice the better it will sound. The best best man speeches are the once that are practiced most.

Next, what to do when an accident happens! Accidents will happen and it’s best to ignore them when they do. If you happen to drop your champagne glass during your speech then just ask if you can get a replacement. If you make a big deal out of it then that’s all everyone will remember. They won’t remember your words just the accident.

Finally, save the drinking until you’re done! Don’t drink before your speech. A glass or two of bubbly will help calm your nerves but any more will hamper your speech. If you drink too much before your speech then everyone will remember you were tipsy and you’ll also have a hard time remembering your speech. Have a glass or two to calm the nerves but save the heavy drinking until you’re done with your best man speech.

Using these tips will save you and the groom, not to mention the bride and guests at the wedding, a lot of embarrassment. They will remember your speech not the crazy things you did while giving your speech. Of course, you’ll want to keep your best man speech to about 5 minutes and at the same time make everyone comfortable so they remember what you said not what you did.

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