Benefits of practicing yoga includes increased flexibility, reduced stress, a healthy immune system, and a healthy nervous system. Other resources provide in-depth analysis of the benefits of practicing yoga. The purpose of this article is to articulate the benefits of doing yoga in a yoga studio. If searching online for a yoga studio, type in yoga studio, followed by your city and state. For example, ‘yoga studio, Draper, Utah.’ You can also find yoga studios by looking in a phone book.

Yoga can be learned and practiced in several different manners. You must decide for yourself what the best option is for you and your lifestyle. Keep in mind that it is best for beginners to learn from an experienced yoga instructor at a yoga studio. The options for learning yoga include: learning at a yoga studio, taking a yoga class at a gym, and learning on your own through books or DVD programs. The list below contains five benefits for learning yoga at a yoga studio.

First – Training. While some people are great at doing yoga, that does not make them great at teaching others to do yoga. Yoga instructors at studios are experts in helping others learn yoga, and are usually much more experienced than instructors that teach at a commercial gym. They also encourage safety and excellence through their expert training and skills.

Second – Personal Attention. Remember that even with beginners, people vary in their fitness level and flexibility. The instructor at a studio will be able to offer you modifications to your pose, which is critical for beginners. They will ensure you are doing poses correctly and safely. In order to give the personalized attention that you deserve, yoga studios set a class-size limit.

3) Setting. Yoga studios offer an inviting atmosphere. Yoga studios have more control over the environment than yoga classes taught at a gym or practicing at home on your own. A yoga studio will create an atmosphere conducive to practicing yoga, through proper lighting, soothing music, and calming sights and smells. This creates a total mind/body experience that is often missed in a gym or at home. In a gym the goal is usually geared toward just the workout, rather than the whole mind/body connection, which is the essence of yoga. At home there are usually a lot of distractions vying for your attention, which can detract from the total yoga experience.

Four – Privacy. At a gym, people can peer through the windows to see what is going on in the yoga class. At a yoga studio, you do not have this concern.

Five – Tools. All of the tools will be provided for at a yoga studio. Tools that are helpful to practicing yoga include props, blocks, blankets, and mats. You might not find all of these tools at a gym, and a beginner will need someone to show them how to use the props correctly.

Beginners will definitely find it best to practice yoga at a qualified yoga studio. They offer the best overall experience, with a relaxing environment and great instructors. It would be a shame to give up this great ancient practice without first trying it at a qualified yoga studio.

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