An open house can certainly help you find a buyer for your house, but there are other important factors that you should also think about. It is not the primary marketing tool that agents depend on when selling a property. As a matter of fact, open houses are considered as a waste of time nowadays. Many agents think of them more as a means of finding future clients for themselves than of finding a current buyer for a house.

Nevertheless, there are still agents who continue to use open houses because they have found that open houses help them find a buyer more often than not. Studies show that holding one will take you about sixty-five to seventy-five hours on the average before you can close a deal. That’s a lot of time and effort, but people still hold open houses for other sound reasons.

Not every real estate agent is going to be eager to help you sell your house, and they won’t consider the work a priority. They also have other listings on their mind and sometimes they do not even show your property to a specific client just because the agent thinks it is not appropriate for that certain buyer. Buyers have also been know to change their minds, and most of the time they do it without telling the agent. But some buyers still believe in buying a house on their own, and when they do, it usually happens in an open house. If a buyer doesn’t think the details in the listing are what they’re looking for, they usually won’t take the time to call for an appointment to see the house. Open houses are different. Generally speaking, an open house is an easy opportunity to get a good look at the property, inside and out.

But many homeowners wonder if the expense of staging a house is worth the time, money and effort. Sellers also complain about their agents saying that they only use the open house as a means to get clients and not potential buyers. Sellers also have the very legitimate concern for the safety of their home and possessions during an open house event. They worry that their house might be vandalized or some items from their house might get stolen during an open house. Some homeowners do not want anyone to enter their house, period. They may only feel comfortable opening their home to serious buyers, and keeping potential thieves and nosy neighbors at bay. Sometimes choosing not to have an open house can be the best option for both the agent and the seller, depending on individual circumstances.

Here is an important advice, if the real estate market is hot, meaning houses are selling rapidly, then there is no need for an open house. Also, if posting pictures on the internet already helps you in selling houses, then again, an open house is no longer necessary.

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