Fine Diamond Jewellery Designs: Who’s Wearing It And What It Is!

For people that like to create informed decision and like to become on top of ever changing fashion trends, it can be challenging particularly when it comes to come across diamond jewellery designs. Items are changing all the time and it is challenging to keep up with the new styles and trends going on jewelry. To produce it a little easier, keeping an eye on what the celebrities put on is really an excellent way to be kept abreast in the ever changing fashion world. Here we’ll explore some in the new trends and terminology too as who’s been spotted wearing them. After all, if it’s not cool enough for a celebrity to put on it, then why need to you?

So have you heard about the new bib necklace? No, it’s not an accessory for you child’s bib so that they look super cool while eating! Bib necklaces are basically necklaces that sit on your neck and drape down to your chest. Essentially, they are the same form as a bib you would use for your child. A lot of people wonder, “What exactly would you wear this with or wear this to? This is too gaudy to be every day.” That is not true at all. If you want to go by what the celebs are doing, then just take a look and see that they pair a great bib necklace with a low cut tank top and jeans, spring dress, or an evening gown. It’s like all other fine diamond jewellery designs, you need to know what style matches with what look.

Here is some of the most recent bib necklaces spotted on celebrities: 1. There was a great deal going on at the 2010 Golden Globe awards, but one from the points that got the most buzz was Eva Mendez’s turquoise bib design necklace. You will need to take a look at it yourself since no words can describe this exquisite piece of jewelry. Also, this excellent necklace took her understated outfit from run in the mill to spectacular. It was a quite well played move on her part.

2. Jennifer Lopez was one hotter topic, not just due to the fact of her new film, but since with the awesome necklace she wore to the premiere. Once again, we see a stunning turquoise and gemstone necklace that makes her outfit just pop with those excellent accessories. J Lo for that longest time has been setting the bar inside the fashion planet, and it looks like she did it once again.

3. As discussed above, the bib necklace is not only being seen on the runway. In fact, Chyler Leigh’s style was shown on the cover of OK magazine. She wore a gorgeous spring dress paired with a stunning green stone bib necklace. You’ll see that she isn’t dressed for the Oscar’s but that necklace makes her casual spring dress pop. Oh, and you can find close versions of her necklace online without having to be on the cast of Grey’s Anatomy to afford it.

So, in this episode of Fine Diamond Jewellery Designs 101, we explored bib necklaces. Stay tuned for the next hot topic: American Diamond Jewellery.

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