Your function can be remembered as the event of the century, a complete disaster, or even worse: Absolutely forgettable! The entertainment at an event can make or break the success. Bands for hire can be found in your area for whatever event you’re hosting, whether it’s a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, wedding, birthday party, or corporate event. A well chosen live band can bring your party alive.

A lot of people have issues deciding if it’s better to hire a band or a deejay. They are both similar in their job, but the energy a band can bring is very different compared to a skilled disc jockey playing music and doing announcements. A DJ might have thousands of songs ready in their repertoire, while a band might have only a hundred or so. What matters isn’t how much, it’s what songs, and what style. A band takes up a lot more space and could take more time to set up, but they will make a party seem like a real event.

Once you’ve decided that it’s a band you want, the first step is to decide on a budget. A lot of party planners make the mistake of hiring the entertainment as the last step. By then, the budget has been eaten up by the venue, caterers, videographer, wedding cake, and more. It’s not uncommon for a bride to be to figure on spending only five to ten percent of the budget on the entertainment. Ask yourself, when all is said and done, is the band only five percent important to the success of your party? Of course not! Trying to hire a quality band for less than $500 or so will not turn out well.

Before you go shopping, think about what kind of band you want. If you’re holding a Bar Mitzvah, make sure you look for a group who know all the customs. If you’re doing a wedding, work with a band with experience in weddings. You’ll be able to select from all kinds of genres of music. There’s plenty of bands out there that should know all the big hits of the last 20 years or so.

Now armed with a list of potential bands to go with, the weeding out process begins. The main thing is to make sure you like them! Ask for a CD or DVD of them performing live, and ask if there’s any way you can see them perform at a public gig. This is not always an option, but it’s good to ask. Make sure you meet them and go with your gut instinct on if they’re going to turn out alright. If you don’t like them at your meeting, you won’t like them on stage.

Now that you’ve chosen who to go with, protect yourself with a contract. If your band doesn’t provide one, make them sign one you work up yourself. Your party is very important to you, so think about what happens if the band doesn’t show up. If they require a deposit to hold the date, what are the terms? What happens if you cancel or have to move the date? Make sure all these questions are answered up front. This way, in any case, you will be prepared.

Does the band hold insurance? At the very least make sure they hold liability insurance. The contract along with insurance proves their level of professionalism. Mobile entertainers without insurance can cause problems if there’s any issues between the venue and the entertainer, for instance, damage to the floors where equipment was set up.

If you look at all these details, there’s a good chance you’re going to find the best of bands for hire and have a fantastic party.

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