Finding The Answers To Disagreements With Family Mediation Portland

On occasion families can get into disputes for which there seems to be no solution. Each party blames the other and there is no compromise. That is when family mediation Portland comes into the picture.

Going to mediation means meeting with a person who is trained in the field of assisting people reach solutions to their problems. Meeting together, and sometimes separately, the mediator will hear each person’s story, following which, together, all options will be discussed to come to a mutual agreement. This person is a neutral party who does not have a previous relationship with the people involved.

Mediation is best begun at the first sign that a solution cannot be reached between the parties involved. If a disagreement is allowed to simmer, it will only get worse to the point where no one will agree no matter what solution is offered. Realizing early that mediation is needed is important if the parties are to be reconciled or the problem solved.

Sometimes, in divorce cases, early intervention can save the marriage before hard feelings are established and money is spent for lawyers. There is no doubt that sometimes, in this type of case, reconciliation will not be accomplished but it is possible, with mediation, that the parties involved will not walk away with hard feelings that can last the rest of their lives. In addition, if there are children involved every effort should be made to come to a peaceful settlement.

Either party can have others, who have pertinent information, come to mediation with them. The mediator will talk to them in private and make note of their comments. These people may sit in during the mediation but are not allowed to speak.

A very common case, for mediation, is when parents and teenagers, or a teenager, do not agree. Many teenagers, in today’s world, expect much more freedom than parents feel they should have. This is a common situation that is often discussed in mediation, making the mediator very versed in how to talk about possible options to the problem. After hearing all sides the mediator offers a number of possible solutions which will save face for all concerned.

The law states that any information revealed at a mediation can go no further, therefore a person can reveal anything in confidence, without fear of retaliation. This makes it much easier to get all the facts on the table for discussion and try to work out possible solutions. That is what family mediation Portland is all about.

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