Finding Outside Awnings For Home

Awnings for home have been around since the turn of the last century. Original awnings were permanent fixtures, usually metal, place over each window to cut down on the amount of sunlight and glare that could enter a home.

Later awnings, those dating to the mid fifties, were often made of heavy canvas materials. They could be rolled out and rolled back depending on the time of year or weather. Many could be completely removed in order to have them cleaned. Years before air conditioning was installed in almost every home, these were just about the only way to try to keep your home as cool as possible.

The next fifty years saw some major changes in how awnings were made and where they were placed. Instead of routinely putting one over each door and window, awnings turned into something used mainly to offer protection from the sun only in larger areas of perhaps a back yard or a patio. As air conditioning became more common in homes, the standard installation of awnings for every new home became almost obsolete.

However, the older aluminum ones never fell out of favor. Any time one of these homes changes hands, it’s rare for the new owners to take down these historic awnings! Why? They do their jobs, they reduce heat and glare, and they still look good.

However, homes dating back to the fifties and sixties that sell today with their original awnings usually remain untouched. The new owners are more than happy to keep these old awnings because they still look good and do the job they were intended to fifty years ago.

You do need some strength to maneuver these, and if you want to open up more than a few at a time, you should really consider having only automatic awnings installed. Installation isn’t easy, no matter what the instructions say. Most companies that sell the awnings offer professional installation, and sometimes for free. You should only have a professional installer deal with awnings that need electricity – the automatic ones.

If you choose larger sizes it’s best to have them professionally installed, especially if you are buying ones that are automatic. These will need to be connected to electric power, something not meant for the household handyman. Pricing will vary depending on where you buy them. Stores that specialize in awnings tend to be cheaper and have frequent sales. Retailers like home improvement centers might be much higher because they act as a middle man in arranging the sale and installation.

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