Finding Horses For Sale Under 100 – Really

Seeing horses for sale under 100 may seem impossible, but horses have been sold for 1. You just have to ask around, read the ads, or put the word out on the grapevine, and you might be surprised at the number of horses that are available. Just be sure that you can afford the expense yourself before jumping at the opportunity.

Today people who never expected to part with horses may find that the economics of the matter are forcing them to do so. A horse does require a certain amount of upkeep, even if turned out at grass, and most horse lovers have more than one of these friendly, useful beasts. It is very likely that you will be able to find highly trained and well-treated horses that are offered for a low price, while their owners hope for a good home for their beloved steeds.

Keeping a horse is an expensive proposition, even if it will be turned out at grass. You must be sure you yourself can afford to keep a horse, which has a life expectancy of twenty to thirty years. Regular care of the feet and the teeth, and periodic vaccines and worming will be required as a minimum, and vet bills may go much higher for unexpected illness and injury. Feed and hay mount up, bedding is expensive, and even used equipment will bring the total of expenses up.

Horses may perform well alone, but if you want to ride in company, ask to see how it does with others. How are its ground manners, can it be shod, will it load and haul? What does it eat, how old is it, does it bite or kick? Some answers you can get yourself, some should be checked rather than automatically believed, and some questions are best answered with professional counsel.

Today many horses have been found tied to the fence outside adoption centers, turned loose in the woods, or left in pastures by night. Adoption services often have higher fees, but these might be reduced if you can provide a good home.

Ask to see the horse ridden, or get a professional rider to try it out. You can evaluate its ground manners and see it in the stall for yourself, but ask to see it load and haul, to see it ridden alone and in company, and in other situations you will take it into. Find out if it is an easy keeper or needs special care, if it kicks or bites, or if it knows anything at all. Check with those who may know the horse to see if it has hidden problems – or unexpected virtues!

There really are horses for sale under 100, and just putting the word out in the horse community may be enough to find one.

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