Finding Cheap Bridgestone B330 Golf Balls Online

A golf ball, as the name indicates, is a ball that has been designed to play golf. Numerous golf balls or different brands can be bought from the market. One such famous brand is Bridgestone. The Bridgestone B330 RX was brought into the market by them during the finishing months of 2008. There are a fixed set of instructions, a golf ball must abide by. The designated weight limit is 45.93 grams or 1.62 oz. Golf balls like golf clubs also need to go through testing and must receive approval by the United States Golf Association and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.

The Bridgestone B330 RX collection has been specifically crafted to suit a basic swinging momentum of 85-105 mph. There are various golf balls like Pro V1x, TM Red & Black, Pro V1, Callaway Tour which also support a swinging rate of 105 mph. The non-hardened gradational core and several layers are the prime attributes of this 330 RX urethane ball.

It is ideally suited for the swinging rate of learners, due to its adjustable and contractible inner core. The make diminishes spin and accommodates a rocketing launch The urethane covering guarantees a high short iron spin, excellent durability and renders pinpoint accuracy (because of a flawless 330 dimple design) and an overall soft feel of the ball. It also ensures higher maneuverability and the well structured mantle assures increased repulsion and functionality. Some distinct features of the 330 RX are:

(1) Extended driver distance which measures a full 6 on a 6 point scale.

(2) Delivers a straight performance when compared to others as a result of its low spin drive which measures 1.5 on a 6 point scale.

(3) The short elevated iron spin is represented by its measurement of 5 on a 6 point scale.

(4) It scores a full 6 on a 6 point scale for it’s spongy feel.

The distance off the tee of a 330 RX is exactly in line with another popular variant the Pro V1x. When compared to other similar variants like TM or Titleist, the 300 RX exhibits better penetration when launched. The Pro V1x is ideally suited for spin whereas the 330 RX is preferred for wedge and short iron shots. Hybrid and mid iron shots were found to be on par with the TM Red and Pro V1x. Customers using the Pro V1x are shifting to the B330 RX and enjoying the features of the latter.

The 330 RX provides more accuracy and more distance off the tee because of the low drive spin. The 330 RX seems to be an ideal choice of people who play a tour caliber ball on amateur swing speeds (less than 105 mph). You can buy 12 330 RX balls for a price that varies from $ 38 to $45. The ball is highly preferred by beginners and expert golfers alike.

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