Finding Canvas And Nylon Diaper Bags

The most durable and functional diaper bags are largely made of either canvas or nylon. The two fabrics are both man-made and have shown its remarkable quality through time. Both are good choices in fashion because it is extremely versatile as it is fun to design with and play with different colors. That is why many stylists and designers prefer either of the two in their collections because surely, it will be a lifetime investment for many buyers. Here are some of the best designer diaper bags made of canvas and nylon.

Blue and Chocolate Large Tote

This simple yet trendy tote bag suits both mommy and daddy. Its design is extremely minimal, yet it is very functional and durable. It is extremely easy to maintain is it is machine or hand washable. It is not actually rough against the skin of the one wearing it because it is made of 100 percent cotton canvas. This bag is actually more special because it is only made for you once you order for it.

Spotlight – Black – Bucket Tote Diaper Bag by Kalencom

This stylish nylon bag from Kalencom is really worth buying. It is securely closed with a top zipper. The interior is very spacious so you can place lots of baby’s necessities. The shoulder strap is not adjustable but it’s just enough to comfortably hang on your shoulder. It include a matching insulated bottle bag and a zippered pouch. The diaper changing mat is big enough for baby’s lengthy time use.

Lexington Baby Bag Canvas by Reese Li

This bag is a ideal example of how canvas diaper bags can be really tough and long lasting. Even if it is quite tough-looking, this bag can still be very feminine with its designs. And among the nicely loved designs of this line of bag by Reese Li are: Black Bead, Charcoal Green Berry, Blueberry Doodle, Leaf, and many more. This versatile bag might be changed from tote bag to a stroller bag. You will also get a lot of space in this bag both for baby and mommy’s necessities. You might even put a laptop inside this bag. It even has metallic footings for a more stable stand actually if placed on an unequal surface. Its surfaces are waterproof and easy to fresh just by wiping.

Katie Pepper Diaper Bag by Mia Bossi

This nylon diaper bag is believed to be the lightest bag made by Mia Bossi. This bag is very easy to carry around because of its light materials. Once you get this bag, you are sure to have a diaper changing mat that is made of faux fur in one side and gentle nylon at the other side. This changing pad is really perfect for baby’s sensitive skin. Its lining might be removed in case you want to change from Mommy mode to Office mode. It is also convenient that the lining may be detached because it allows you to have more chance to clean your bag in all of its parts and sides. Its shoulder straps might be changed into a stroller strap. You can actually change the straps so it can be worn across the body.

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