Finding A Way To Prevent Falls From Height Whilst Cleaning Gutters

You should take steps on how to prevent falls from height whilst cleaning gutters to ensure your safety. The first step in preventing a fall is to determine the hazards that come with the gutter cleaning job.

One risk to look into is how high the gutters are. An elevated gutter is quite risky as this may mean that you have to climb a ladder or clean on top of a roof.

The surface area is a factor to consider. Does it require that you climb a ladder? Are you sure that the roofing material can support your weight? The answers to these questions are important for your safety. A frail roof could cave in if someone stands on it and could lead to a fall while doing the cleaning.

To avoid any kind of unwanted situations, you should always make sure that you use protective gear when working. You should utilize coverings, safety nets, guard rails and safety harnesses while working. Never walk the line of the purlins.

When removing fragments from gutter, the best way to do this is to remove the debris little by little and gently lower them to the ground. If there are debris falling from a gutter, make sure that there are no workers below.

If one is on a ladder, make sure that your body touches three points at all times, This will provide proper support to the body and balance your weight on the ladder.

Do not work continually on the cleaning of a gutter particularly if you are on top of ladder. Your body needs a rest from time to time. Stopping every 30 minutes will be good for you as this will rest your legs allowing you to stand safely on a ladder.

If one wants to clean gutter, ensure that you are skillful, experienced and trained to do the job. If not, hire some one with the necessary training and experience.

If you are using equipment to access the gutter, make sure that you know the process of installing and dismantling them safely. Ask the person whom you rent the equipment how to install and use it properly.

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