Feel Fit And Fine With A Full Body Massage

A body massage has a revitalizing effect on the body. It relaxes you, it invigorates you, it refreshes you. Read on to find out how a massage can do wonders for you in more ways than you thought possible.

When you have a headache you tend to rub your forehead in a massage-like fashion. Why? Because that relieves you of the ache. Spent many hours staring at facts and figures on the monitor? You massage the lower back of your neck to get relief. This is the basic principle of a massage – to create an ebb and flow of pressure in the target area. Qualified professional masseurs know exactly how to and where to massage an area of the body to generate the desired therapeutic effect. They also know the ‘why?’ of what they do. Let’s go see what a professional massage therapist does for you.

Let’s get a walkthrough of a professional massage. Once in the salon of a professional massage therapist, you’ll be shown to a private cubicle. There you’ll have to remove your clothes and lie down on a massage table with a sheet draped over you. You may have a general massage done, for relaxation and general body tone. Or, you may require more intense massage therapy, like deep tissue massage, which is, well, intense!

The first thing that happens when the massaging starts, is that the blood circulation gets enhanced. ‘Enlivened’ is the proper word for what happens to the blood circulation. The blood being the life force of the body, its increased circulation means the whole body gets livened up. When we exert ourselves physically, the muscles get tired due to the accumulation of certain catabolic wastes. The enhanced circulation washes away these wastes and voila! the muscles are not tired anymore! The blood contains elements which are vital for health or healing in other words. So damaged muscles, ligaments, and tissues get healed faster due to the enhanced blood circulation. That’s why you feel fresh and whole during and after a massage.

Insufficient activity and improper posture cause our blood vessels and nerves to get displaced from their normal positions. Our health suffers when the blood vessels are twisted out of place. When the nerves get cramped it tells on our brain in the form of a pervasive tension or stress. Thus our health and wellness both suffer. In a body massage, the masseur firmly manipulates the body, helping choked blood vessels to open up, which increases the transport of oxygen, nutrients and disease-fighting antibodies throughout the body. Damaged muscles and other tissues get repaired faster. Unhealthy flab is worked away in the massage. The masseur’s manipulations help nerves to get uncramped, thus relieving stress and tension. The blood circulation of the skin gets pepped up as well, resulting in a tighter, healthier skin tone. So, a full body massage gives us many benefits in one go.

We generally believe that a massage is a form of physical therapy, and hence benefits us in a physical way only. This is not true. We are benefited mentally as well as physically. Just as the muscles get tired due to the accumulation of wastes, our brain undergoes much the same effect when we exert ourselves mentally. The enhanced blood circulation washes away the accumulated toxins from the brain, and leaves it fresh and tension-free! That’s why you can get a really good, healthy sleep after a body massage.

Massage therapy is a form of touch therapy. A touch or a caress shows empathy. It is probably instinctive in those animals that must seek their mother for support and feeding as soon as they are born. Most animals are born blind, and so they depend on touch to find and detect their mother. Even if not blind, young ones nestle and cuddle up against their mother when they sleep, the touch, the feel being sufficient to reassure them of a support system. Our subconscious translates the masseur’s professional touch to a strong, positive symbol of reassurance and of support. Hence, our spirits are lifted and we emerge from the massage psychologically healthy.

Now that we’ve analyzed the effects of a body massage, why don’t you get yourself an appointment with a good, reputed, licensed, professional massage therapist, and help yourself to a veritable bouquet of benefits, physical, mental, and emotional!

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