FB Siphon Review – Is FB Siphon A Scam?

Is FB Siphon scam? Facebook advertising has become a main income source for many people today simply due to the fact that this social networking website is attracting a lot visits every day.However, it is worth noting that the type of traffic you can find here is very much different from those that you get from the search engines.

How Is Generating Traffic From FB Siphon Different From Getting Visitors From The Search Engines?

Traffic generated from search engines tend to be more targeted because the visitors find their websites by typing exact keywords to find what they are looking for. Therefore, it is important to study how to monetize FB traffic correctly, and that is why Jani G created his FB Siphon course to educate his clients on how to monetize Faceboook traffic to create an online income.

How Much Targeted Traffic Can You Expect to Get From Using The FB Siphon Guide?

Statistics have shown that Facebook’s traffic has already exceeded that of Google’s in certain countries and has been closing the gap with Google ever since 2009. Unlike most other high traffic websites, FB is still very low in competition from advertisers.

Facebook runs their own advertising program which is different from the way MySpace runs their advertisement system. Because of the less targeted nature of traffic, users will be taught how to send this traffic to CPA offers which work better with untargeted traffic rather than directly to pay per sale affiliate product offers. There is also no selling required thus one does not need to have sales or copywriting skills to profit from FB Siphon.

Who Is Behind The FB Siphon Course And What Can You Expect to Learn From It?

Jani G’s course focuses on the use of Facebook advertisements in order to generate cash as quickly as possible marketing to the most profitable money making niches on the Internet. The course also includes 15 step by step video tutorials demonstrating everything taught in the PDF manual on how to find niches, how to build your Facebook ads and how to make money from CPA offers as well as other affiliate offers.

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