Fayetteville, GA Residents Have Back Pain Relief Options With Chiropractor

One hundred billion dollars is spent in the United States each year on chronic back pain. One in three people deal with this affliction every day. Chiropractic care has been studied and found to offer relief from this horrendous suffering. The good news is, if you live near Fayetteville GA, you can obtain a reprieve from your pain by paying a visit to a Fayetteville Chiropractor.

Disability is created when you experience debilitating pain in the back. When you have severe pain in the back, it can keep you from standing and sitting for long periods of time, resulting in the inability to perform your work.

LSS or Lumbar Spinal Stenosis is one cause of chronic back pain in older people. When the spinal canal becomes narrowed it inhibits the nerves from sending messages to the brain. Nerves feed all the parts of the body. They control the function of organs as well as the strength of your skeletal structure. The body does not work properly when the nerves are inhibited.

LSS can cause numbness in the buttocks, legs and lower back. Pain increases when a person walks but can be alleviated by flexion or stretching. LSS is the largest cause for spinal surgery.

Chiropractic care can be effective for relieving this pain. Research studies were performed on fifty elderly people and were given two or three adjustments a week over a sixteen-week time frame. At the end of this period, even though all fifty were contenders for back surgery, only two required it.

Other forms of therapy were tried, like physical therapy, heat and cold packs, prescription pain medication and massage. It was found that seventy-five percent received more pain alleviation as well as more structural strength with Chiropractic manipulation.

In conclusion if you live in the Fayetteville Georgia area, if you have chronic back pain, and medical doctors can’t seem to offer alternatives to surgery, seek out a Fayetteville Chiropractor.

Back pain can interfere significantly with your ability to enjoy life; your Uk marriage visa Fayetteville chiropractor can provide solutions. You can get more information about natural solutions by visiting http://www.fayettechiropractic.com .

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