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Surfing is considered to be one of the most popular water sports as according to the last surveys, there are more than 20 millions people practicing it actively. Unsurprisingly, the commercialism reached this sport also as the companies’ desire for incomes and profits never goes away. What do I mean to say? I am talking about the surfer fashion. Yes, it sounds crazy but it is a fact and there are actually many people who regularly change their outfits and surfboards so as to keep themselves up with the fashion.

Craziness or not, it is a fact and if you don’t want to look as an idiot, you will need to follow the surfer fashion. Of course, it is valid just for those of you who practice surfing as the trends concern mainly the outfit and surfboard.

Probably, it would be best if we started with discussing the outfits. Of course, we should talk separately: first, about men outfits and then- for women’s. The only thing which you need to know about a trendy surfing outfit for a guy is: “choosing shorts is the best choice you could possibly make”. Take that as a rule and memorize it as the letters in the alphabet! Actually, shorts are quite nice-looking and comfortable also. But the best thing is that a guy can find them in plenty of models, colors and sizes. You may not realize it now but when in the shop, you will see that it will take you 20 minutes to choose 2-3 pairs! How often something like that happens to you? Yes, it is very rare for sure. Now, it’s high time we discussed the women’s outfits and what they should wear while surfing. Unsurprisingly, this should be one-part swimwear! Please note that the two-part one is not recommendable at all as it is both: uncomfortable and out-of-date at the same time. If you are a self-respected woman, you don’t want to wear something like, do you? But there is actually another possibility which you may like more: you can wear shorts combined with a beautiful top (of a second-part swimwear for example). However, you should take into consideration the fact that you should never ever wear shorts and top in the same color. Just try to choose colors which are different but will match each other.

Logically, we need to go on with the surfboards. Still, it is really strange that there could be trends what kind of surfboard to be used. There are dozens of types: long or short (according to the length), thin and thick (according to the girth), “Malibu”, “gym”, “foam-board”, “body-board” and many others (according to the shape and characteristics). For example, this summer people would be considered trendy if they had long, thin “body-boards”. But I strongly recommend you to use the surfboard which you are used to and which you like because this is not something which you have to change every year, just because of somebody’s strange ideas what is fashionable and what not!

Probably, the most important tip which you can take from this article is that having a fashionable surf outfit is nice and, to some extent, necessary but having a “trendy” surfboard is the most stupid thing ever! So, whatever you are told by some “fashion experts” never let them persuade you that you should get rid of your nice old board, only because it is out-of-date.

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