Far More Google Traffic…Without Losing Far Less Hair!

Probably the one question I get more than any other one is how to get more Google traffic.

The harsh reality is that every web over needs more traffic from the search engines, but it is actually very tough to rank for the hardest and most competitive keywords.

Hence the huge issue with small web owners trying to make a real dent.

So why then is there such a head scratching going on when it comes to how to get this desirable traffic?

Usually the biggest problem is that web owners do not understand that the more generic the keyword (two words or less!!!) the more competing for that keyword and the far less chance of getting that keyword to Google page one.

Talk about a nightmare.

So what’s the answer? Going after your longer tail keywords and doing so precisely!

What is a long tail keyword? It’ simple a more lengthy version of your keyword.

So the theory (which works every time) is this…the more detailed your keywords, the more you are very much able to get more Google traffic.

Sadly, try telling that to web owners who believe that they only have three or four keywords that matter to them.

To get more Google traffic, you need to key in on the best long tail keywords and you need to publish them to the web as hard and as consistently as you can imagine!

Each and every day that passes I see a whole new flock of people online making the same mistakes.

I am here to tell you that is you want the most cost effective way to generate online targeted web traffic, you need to start with your best keywords and then you need to get them out there through the article marketing sites as hard as you can.

And yes, this is all something you can do on your own, but employing a keyword expert that can do this all through the article marketing sites is easily the best free Google traffic you will ever see coming to your site.

For more Google traffic, you need tons of in pointing links to your pages that use your best keywords.

That is how the heavy hitters are dominating this keyword game.

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