The Last Airbender is an action-adventure fantasy film with live adaption based on the animated television series; Avatar. The story revolves around the four elements in the world of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air which are controlled by people known as “benders”.

He is the last known Airbender and survivor of the peaceful Air Nomads that can maintain peace between the four nations and the spirit realm. The Fire Nation is waging a ruthless war to control the other great nations. Only hope to stop the war rests on the shoulders of a young boy named Aang.

The movie stars Noah Ringer as Aang, the latest reincarnation of the Avatar. The movie includes some fine actors who have given this movie a good balance. Renowned artists and personalities of the industry are casted to create an impact on its viewers! Though he is capable of bending all four elements, at the beginning of the film he has learned to control only one element i.e. air. It is also his duty to maintain balance in the world, which conflicts with his easy-going, fun-loving personality.

Nicola Peltz a.k.a. Katara, is the last remaining waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe. Since the death of her mother, Kya, she has served as the maternal figure in her family, and is no stranger to responsibility despite her young age. She is Aang’s good friend and love interest.

Jackson Rathbone as Sokka, a 15-year-old warrior from the Southern Water Tribe and Katara’s older brother. He can be condescending, and has no powers, but is extremely intelligent and often takes up leadership roles by virtue of coming up with most workable plans and tactics. In the animated series, he was also a primary source of comic relief, though this may not be retained in the movie.

Dev Patel former heir to the throne was exiled by his father, Fire Lord Ozai, and is ordered to capture the Avatar (who seemed to have disappeared from the earth, making the assignment a wild goose chase) in order to regain his lost honor.

In the movie he often acts as a surrogate father to Zuko. Formerly a great general of the Fire Nation, personal tragedies led to his retirement, and the role of heir-presumptive passed to his younger brother Ozai. The movie stars Shaun Toub as Iroh, Zuko’s uncle, who is easy-going and friendly. The cast of the film has actors making it one of the awaited and curious films.

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