Fancy Way To Formulate Treadmill Ratings

There couldn’t be a better time to buy a treadmill because of technology advances, the quality you get for the price is impressive. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to start building a fine home gym that includes a treadmill.

Many people once decided to buy a treadmill turn to online treadmill ratings websites to do their research. Any treadmill ratings site with dozens or hundreds of treadmill reviews – if done well – offer a wealth of information to prospective treadmill buyers. That said, not all treadmill ratings and reviews are the same.

Of course there are a number of ways to rate treadmills. The treadmill ratings can be a numerical value, a long-written opinion, bullet points listing advantages and disadvantages (or pros and cons), stars, and/or short “Buy it” or “Don’t buy it” opinions.

Now to the nuts and bolts of rating treadmills and how the folks at Treadmill Reviews HQ do it. Each treadmill is written about in-depth – listing an overview, features, benefits, warranty information, customer reviews (if any), and where it can be purchased. Setting out where it can be purchased is important because often there are more than one place online you can buy a particular treadmill. This is the information part of a treadmill ratings review.

Treadmill Reviews HQ takes its treadmill ratings one step further by providing a numerical score on a scale of 1 – 100 for each treadmill reviewed. Why 1 – 100? Because it’s a scoring many people identify with and it provides plenty of range for nuanced scores. You can find many ratings using 5 stars or a scale of 1- 5, but then many treadmills get very similar scores. It’s hard to distinguish the treadmills. Mind you, there is value in the 5 point or star scale because it gives you a quick idea about the author’s opinion. The 1 – 100 scale is not necessarily better – it’s just different and some people may prefer it.

Included in the weighted treadmill ratings formula is a price adjustment. Rather than different formulas for all price ranges, Treadmill Reviews HQ opted to create one formula that incorporates an adjustment for price. Why? Because a treadmill priced at $3,000 will obviously have better features than most treadmills priced at $499. Therefore, in order so that you can compare apples to apples, there’s a price adjustment in the treadmill ratings formula used at Treadmill Reviews HQ.

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