Famous American Eateries And The Dining Experiences

Restaurant chains all across the nation use different styles of designs on their interior to entice customers into having a good time and savoring their meals. While obviously not as important as the food or the overall service of the restaurant, often times the dcor of the eatery can be important and help customers enjoy themselves and want to go back to a certain place. Some restaurants go for more modern furniture or use a modern furniture design for their customers while others opt to have a more traditional look, and clearly both ways can be successful. In the upcoming paragraphs a few of the country’s more popular restaurant chains will be talked about and their respective furniture choices and food will be examined in order to determine which restaurants really give their customers the best overall experiences.

One of the highest rated steakhouse chains in the country is the Outback steakhouse. Outback trades on their name, based on the Australian Outback, to create an atmosphere that seems to be authentically Australian to their customers. The most popular and famous item on the menu, in spite of it being a steakhouse, is probably the appetizer the Bloomin’ Onion, which is basically a giant onion ring but in the shape of a blooming plant that customers can peel off. The decorations and furniture around the restaurant, for very clear reasons, features Australia and various aboriginal looking designs are on the wall, along with items such as boomerangs and the like.

Quite possibly the most popular chain in the United States for sea food is Red Lobster. Red Lobster is a place with locations from coast to coast and a name for having good sea food at a decent and reasonable price. The interior of most of the restaurants are designed to look like a ship, with small circular windows close to what would be on a fishing boat or something. On the menu are all variations of sea food, from shrimp to crab to grilled sea bass. Also on the menu are a nice array of soups such as clam chowder, and salads. Also, diners are given some delicious warm biscuits before their main courses come, something that adds an excellent touch to the meal.

Finally, a last popular and well known American food franchise is Friday’s. Friday’s is designed in a way that might annoy some people as a matter of fact. Evidently, Friday’s wait staffs are told to act extra cheery and energetic in comparison to the staff at other eateries. While having a cheerful and friendly server is something most diners find important, a fake smile and fake cheeriness and over the top energy levels are really not such a good thing. But, the walls are decorated with some interesting signs and the dcor is generally very relaxed, welcoming and fun. Also, the menu is varied and typically pretty good with foods ranging from hamburgers to ribs glazed with a Jack Daniels sauce.

The restaurant industry is a very important part of the American economy and hopefully doesn’t go downhill with the current economic climate.

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