I recently learned of a tragic divorce. A good friend of mine was studying in the pre-med undergraduate program in University of Pennsylvania, one of the best programs in the country. His pursuit of a career in the medical field was met with trials and tribulations, but his family pushed him, supported him, and saw him graduate and enter medical school.

While studying in college, he became close with a young woman from a wealthy family who was very interested in this boy’s story and was greatly inspired by him. She was so infatuated with him that she offered to do whatever it takes in order to see him complete medical school and is willing to financially support him through his studies, as long as he marries her.

There is probably no one that I know who could resist such an idea. This girl was an attractive, young woman who was completely in love with him and was willing to do anything to see him reach his dreams. They got married, of course, and life went according to plan for about three years.

Unfortunately, after three years of marriage, the woman’s father’s business plummeted and hit rock bottom. The father was no longer able to support his daughter and son-in-law. Her response was that her husband should immediately stop his studies and go earn a living to support the family.

With only two years left until the completion of his studies, the husband refused to do so and reminded her of her original promise that she would do whatever it takes in order to see him reach his goals. He told her that she should go and earn the livelihood for the family.

Unfortunately, she was not interested in bearing the financial strain on her shoulders for even two years, and she sought a divorce. She wanted total custody of their one child without visitation rights for the father. She also demanded total control of all assets.

My friend was completely devastated because he realized that his wife’s part in the relationship was only as long as it was good for her. She had caused him more damage than support, and she even sought to take away visitation rights entirely without any particular reason.

Thankfully, he got the courage to object to this madness, and he contacted a fantastic family court lawyer who took him by the hand throughout the entire case. He went for full custody and won, and today he lives with his parents and his daughter in their home. Hopefully, he will soon finish his studies and will begin practicing medicine in his new home with his child.

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