Fake Merchandise In The Wholesaling Jewelry Business

When setting up a jewelry business it is important to acquire stock. A business owner will purchase stock at wholesale to keep costs down and maximise the profit. A business owner needs to source where they will buy their products from and build a relationship with the setting up a wholesale jewelry company. Buying at wholesale means buying a bulk amount of stock at a lower price than had it been sold individually. The buyer is able to get a reduced price due to the fact that a bulk amount of stock is purchased at once.

With the popularity and growth of the internet more people are buying copied goods than they ever were. It can be difficult for genuine companies to know what is genuine and what is copied. This is difficult where the customer is concerned who wants to buy the genuine article.

Jewellery shops will get into a lot of trouble if they sell fake goods. However with the introduction of the internet more and more fake goods are becoming available. How do you know if it is a fake copy of the original brand? Often the price will give it away.

Before purchasing a product the company should ask questions such as, does this seem too good to be true? Is the price to low to be a genuine product? Does the product come with a warranty or money back guarantee? Is the product being sold the same quality as an original. Of course, quality is difficult to determine on the internet as you do not get to see the product face to face. Therefore it might be best for a company not to buy products online.

Make sure that if products should have a warranty or guarantee that they do so. In previous years Ebay was attacked by an influx of fake, copied goods. This gives the genuine seller a bad name, but it also demonstrates that a business should be very careful when buying wholesale.

It is the responsibility of the business to ensure their products are genuine. If their products are not genuine then they could risk losing their business. Any business that knowingly sells copies of the product could also risk getting a criminal record. Selling copies is cheating the customer who thinks they are getting the genuine product.

When buying wholesale products it is a good idea to know the profit margin that a company wishes to make. Therefore products can be found that fit into this profit margin. It is a complete waste of a businesses money if they buy copied goods. A company that sells copied goods risks their reputation in the long run.

The company then needs to decide where they will sell the goods. If they have a website then they could sell their products on the website. If they fancy selling at online auction then there are places like Ebay. If Ebay is used then there is a risk of losing money on the products, but there is also the chance of getting higher profits on the product.

There are a lot of copies around and the internet has probably been partly responsible for the wide spread of copied goods. As people can go online and purchase goods all over the world. Chinese products have been particularly linked to copied goods, but all Countries are also likely to sell copied goods.

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