The weight loss diet of vegans and vegetarians has to be planned with care. The trick is to choose foods that have all nutrition for a healthy body at the same time contribute to weight loss. The solution for vegan weight loss lies in balanced vegan weight loss diet and exercises.

It is difficult to Maintain a good balanced diet for vegans in the absence of one entire food group, such as meat and poultry. Animal products such as meat contain significant amounts of important nutrients, such as protein, calcium and B vitamins.

The problem with devising a vegan diet plan is that vegans go a step farther and eliminate dairy products and eggs as well as meat. It is difficult for vegans to get vitamin B12 they need and often must rely on vitamin supplements for this important nutrient.

As far as protein is concerned,vegetarians who eat dairy products can get all the protein they need from dairy products, from soy based products and from beans, nuts, lentils and seeds. So vegetarians should not have a problem getting sufficient protein as there are many non animal sources.

Vegans, who eschew all animal based products, even milk and dairy products, typically do not have a problem with protein deficiency. This is so because nuts, seeds, lentils, pinto beans, split peas, soybeans, garbanzo beans, black beans, white beans, kidney beans, navy beans and many more all have lots of protein.

Many bean based vegan recipes are excellent sources of protein such as a cup of cooked beans which contains the same amount of protein as a two ounce serving of meat. Foods such as tofu and other soy based products, contain sufficient protein to meet the needs of most vegans.

Since vegans avoid even dairy products,they face the problem of calcium deficiency since the primary sources of dietary calcium are milk and other dairy products. This problem can be solved by calcium fortified foods such as some soy milk and certain cereals which are important to maintaining a healthy vegan diet. The same is true of vitamin D, another primarily animal based nutrient.

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