Facts About Golden Doodle Dogs And Puppies

Golden Doodle Dogs are hybrids produced for the crossing of a golden retriever and a poodle. Typically, the parents are purebreds. The character of the offspring seems to depend on the size. Dogs above twenty five pounds may tend to have the easy going attitude of the retriever. Smaller animals, under twenty five pounds, tend to have the intelligence for which poodles are known. There are some liabilities common to both breeds that breeders generally try not to reproduce.

The dogs come in standard, medium and miniature size. Since the height, weight and color of the coat are the result of crossing different breeds, the results can vary. The most usual colors for the coat are gold, red, cream or white. Less common are dogs with black or silver coats. And, a puppy with a brown coat is counted as rare.

For a standard sized dog, when full grown, expect at least forty five pounds. In the middle category, medium sized dogs, they tend to be between thirty and forty pounds fully grown. A dog between fifteen and twenty pounds when reaching adulthood is in the small category. Of course dog size varies according to the individual breeding.

There is no registration available for hybrids with the American Kennel Club or the United Club. Even if the parents are purebreds of their respective breeds, the puppy is not. This crossing has only been purposely produced since 1992 and lacks the defined characteristics of an established breed.

Hip dysplasia is a condition that can afflict both the parent breeds and one thing the breeders try to avoid recreating in the pups. Another potential area of trouble is eye disease that both poodles and golden retrievers may be prone too. Some breeders focus on selectively breeding certain coats, often trying to reduce the qualities that cause allergies to dog hair in people.

The purpose of these cross breeds is to be good family pets or service dogs. Their intelligence makes them easily trainable, in most cases. They generally like humans, are even tempered and tolerate other dogs well. They have been noted as strong swimmers and good birders. The healthy vigor and good humor of the animals has been counted as one of the characteristics of hybrids in general, and this one in particular. The puppies are very cute and endear themselves to their owners with their eager to play personalities.

It may be a good idea to buy a puppy through an experienced breeder. They can quote you transportation costs to get your new puppy to your home. Often, people reserve a puppy before the litter is born and the breeder sends the waiting family pictures of the puppy when he arrives. A vet should vaccinate and worm the dog before he goes.

Therefore, if you are thinking about a dog for your family, consider the golden doodle dogs. The Internet has many sites devoted to information about them or you can contact a breeder to learn more. Most puppies in a litter are reserved in advance, but you can find out more when you call. Prices will fluctuate.

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