Among all migraine headaches, cluster migraine is a serious headache attack not anyone would ever want to go through. Research reveals that there are actually about 20 million attacks of migraine each day. Despite that cluster migraines are fairly rare, they manifest more in males rather than in females. Family history is a predisposing factor that could increase likelihood of headaches attacks.

Typically, migraines could be due to factors like allergic reactions, insomnia and caffeine. However, theories strongly explain that cluster migraine headaches can be prompted after drinking alcohol or just after smoking cigarettes. Although, it is also believed that several medicines, scents and chocolates could trigger incidence of such, it’s not just as much as cigarette smoking does.

Cluster migraine generally has patterns and occurs in expected cycles. They trigger the same time frame of the day. Contrary to other migraine forms, cluster headaches do not have prodromes. Migraine sufferers are capable of knowing that headaches are going to come given that they come in predictable series.

This type of migraine is short and lasts about 15 minutes to 3 hours. Pain felt is one sided and characterized as sharp and throbbing. In reality, this type of migraine could affect the quality of life you are having or about to have. Its severity can be as bad as keeping you in bed for long hours.

Some would consider cluster migraines as “alarm clock headaches” since the intense pain would tend to wake you up in the middle to the sleep. It may also be accompanied by symptoms of nasal congestion and tearing of the eyes.

In general, cluster migraines are grouped into 2. Episodic headaches is known as obtaining 2-3 headaches in just a month and then a migraineur won’t experience head pains for almost a year. Next are chronic or persistent headaches that feature a similar process along with episodic headaches just that, it does not have any constant periods of alleviation.

Presently, there is still no definite cure for cluster headaches. Doctors would usually give medication that can lessen its accompanying symptoms only. It is important to have yourself checked by a reliable doctor for proper assessment and management. It will also prevent you from suffering migraines for a long time.

You’ll find treatments designed to at least lessen and minimize occurrence of this migraine type. It might be through prescription drugs or through all-natural alternatives. Medications are frequently used for faster pain alleviation however could have unwanted effects. Natural alternatives happen to be effective as well and is inexpensive compared to drug treatments. You may ask your physician as to what treatment method best suit your condition.

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