Facts About Ankle Foot Orthosis Braces (AFO)

AFO or Ankle Foot Orthosis is a dramatic advancement in orthopedics to fit the different preferences of individuals in controlling the motions of the ankle and providing support for the ankles and feet. Leg braces or leg casts, in earlier times, were made of metal and leather and were connected to the patient’s footwear. The present-day AFOs are braces made of flexible and tough materials to fit the various needs of the patients. Its lightweight plastic material is built to provide support the foot needs while keeping it relaxed. The top portion of the L-shaped brace holds the calf with the bottom section providing the needed assistance for the ankle and foot. Controls and support may be modified to meet the user’s requirements.

If you are somebody tormented by intense cases of flatfoot, arthritis of the foot or ankle, or your ankle can scarcely support your body weight because it is aching when moved, these are instances when your doctor might suggest the use of AFO. This type of braces also have the essential therapy and application for tendon dysfunctions, major ankle sprains and other ankle-foot related considerations.

There have been enhancements done in the materials and designs of AFO to be able to satisfy the varying requirements of users. Effective braces should fit the anklebones and handle its motion. AFOs are suitably made to be worn in the ankle and foot and are modified with cuts in the shape for hassle-free and convenient movements. There are several categories of these products. Flexible AFOs give dorsiflexion assistance although they do little to strengthen the subtalar joint. Anti-talus AFOs block ankle motions and control the motion of the forefoot but also do little in conditioning the subtalar joint. AFOs that are tamarack flexure jointed assist the subtalar joint and are valuable in cases of foot drop.

Diabetic patients can also enjoy AFOs that are specifically designed for treatment of forefoot ulcers (which are common in diabetes cases). They are made of plastic, with firm ankle design and a heel elevation of 4 cm to prevent the foot from touching the ground. It is fashioned like a “half shoe” with dorsiflexion of 10 degrees and may be donned with or without its dorsal strap. These are also practical for rehabilitating ankle and foot that were affected in accidents. Users are remarkably satisfied with this type of AFO because it is also cost efficient.

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