Facebook will release a smart watch with a removable camera in the summer of 2022 — The Verge

In total, the device will have two cameras — one for video calls, the second for photos and videos.

Facebook’s smartwatch will receive LTE support, and it will be possible to use it without a permanent connection to a smartphone, The Verge writes, citing sources familiar with the project.
According to sources, Facebook will release the first version of the watch in the summer of 2022, and it is already working on the second and third generations of the device. The cost of the device will be about $400.
The watch will have two cameras — one front-facing and for video calls and built-in screen and the main one for photos and videos.
The main camera can be removed from the watch case and used independently. The watch will also have fitness tracker features, support for messengers and apps.
Facebook plans to use future versions of the watch as an input device for its augmented reality glasses.
The fact that Facebook has engaged in the development of “smart” watches, was also reported by sources of The Information in February 2021

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